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Welcome to the town of Kediri.

With a name Bambang Sunarno author of this blog set up with the aim to introduce yourself to the readers of Kediri, East Java, Indonesia.
Kediri has been known to the world of nature tourism and culinary tourism exist until now.
Nature tourism is composed of Maria Lourdes cave with statues relating to the crucifixion of Jesus.
Kelud also become a destination for tourists to see the children who appeared in the lake Kelud Kelud.
Dolo Waterfall is located in the district of Besuki very attractive for tourists.
About culinary, you do not need to worry at night lined culinary seller of the food overlap along Jalan Doho with a menu that suits your tastes. If you happen to be relaxed please visit the town of Kediri.
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Sunday, 31 January 2016

The crater of Mount Bromo.

The crater of Mount Bromo.
Mount Bromo much grandeur invite admiration clicking sound. One of flattery to the earth spikes it is, do not die before seeing the crater of Mount Bromo. Maybe there who think it's too much praise.

When in fact this is a phrase that comes out of the mouth of the tourists after they did nature by visiting the crater of Mount Bromo. The mountain is indeed worthy of worship. Bromo shades which spread a strong scent of sulfur, always seem beautiful with thin white smoke that quickly integrates with low-flying cloud sky.


One of the mountain located in the Tengger mountains. The height of this mountain is 2,392 meters above sea level. Mount Bromo stuck his legs in four districts in East Java, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang. In addition Bromo crater, another attraction of this mountain is a vast stretch of ocean sand around Bromo crater.

Mount Bromo crater that has the center line approximately 800 meters which extends from north to south, along the 600 meters of the east-west direction. This mountain has the danger area of a circle with a radius of 4 km from the center of the crater of Bromo. In November last, the most exotic mountain in East Java is again showing signs nature.

Bromo crater dense smoke to a height of 600 meters. Some volcanic quakes occur. Roar sounded as increasingly stinging smell of sulfuric acid. Bromo residents to evacuate to a radius of 10 km, and the numbers continue to rise after the mountain erupted on 26 November 2010. The surrounding area is constantly bombarded hot gravel and volcanic ash.

Mount Bromo tourism.

As befits mountain tours, usually after erupting the number of tourists increases. In addition to looking at the effects of the eruption, also becomes the arena of scientific research. A lot of science that can be explored here, especially the center of the eruption occurred, namely in its crater bromo.

Bromo pretty soon make her beautiful again. His name is already global, it is not too difficult to bring the lover back again. Bromo crater will not escape the attention of the post-eruption. Likewise the population, known as the Tengger tribe, which will continue to spread his trademark smile welcomes the guests who visit. And it did not take long.

Thick fog surrounding the crater Bromo back in the morning. All that is above the peak like the feel of being in the country above the clouds. As soon as the sun touched,. The fog slowly away and little by little seen vast sea of sand.

The beauty of Mount Bromo, East Java Tourism Magnet.

When dawn broke and the sun shy to rise, is the best time to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo is located in East Java. A tinge of orange sky blends with Mount Bromo and thin wisps of smoke. Nature painting captivating long-awaited leisure travelers and photography enthusiasts.

To menyesapi beauty of Mount Bromo visitors willing to drive since the early days. 00.00 or 01.00 days is the right time to catch the sunrise. Therefore, the average journey takes 3-4 hours, not including walk to Penanjakan.

To go Penanjakan which is the best place for tourists and fans of photography goes a lot of preparation and stamina to be able to reach that goal.

Towards the Bromo.

There are two routes commonly taken by tourists. The first route from the direction toward Nongko Jajar Pasuruan, rear Purwodadi. Overlapping another route through the area.

Compared route Tumpang, more travelers are choosing these mileage Nongko Jajar even further. Overlapping these steeper than Nongko Jajar and many have chosen as the route back from Mount Bromo to the city of Malang.

Another route is from Lumajang or Probolinggo. However, these latter are not many tourists followed except the natives of the area. Therefore, there are many natural attractions offered Lumajang and Probolinggo.

Probolinggo is a town located on the northern coast of East Java. Bromo Probolinggo distance of approximately 45 kilometers. The path chosen from Probolinggo to Bromo is the leading Ketapang, then continued to Sukapura.

In this Sukapura many lodgings recommended. From this Sukapura continued journey towards Ngadisari and directly to Cemoro Lawang which is right on the lip of the caldera. Total journey from Probolinggo to Bromo takes about 1.5 hours.

In addition to the route, there is also another route to get to Mount Bromo, the route of Pasuruan. Route from Pasuruan can be said to be slightly more difficult than the route is done from Probolinggo. To achieve Bromo caldera of Pasuruan, the route was first elected to the Tosari through Pastepan. To go Tosari, distance to go along the 45 kilometers that can be passed by local bus or public transport.

From Tosari, journey then continued towards Wonokitri using minibus or tricycles. From Wonokitri trip continued to walk about 14 kilometers to Bromo. However, feeling tired because walking is treated with the scenery and the air is very cool and fresh.

The scenery while walking is also very beautiful with all the natural beauty there. However, if you are not strong enough to walk, there are Jeep 4x4 cars are usually available for rent. In addition, there is also a pretty good lodging and Wonokitri Tosari is for you who want to stay.

Photo Postcard in Penanjakan style.

There are two favorite location for photographers to capture the beauty of Mount Bromo. The first near Mount Bromo, which is second in Penanjakan. The latter being a favorite location because it is not far from the jeep stops, just walk a few minutes. In addition, the landscape is similar to the photos on postcards or a travel magazine, even more beautiful.

In this Penanjakan, the tourists are spoiled with beautiful views. And, if lucky, the tourist can enjoy the scenery when matahri rises. Fatigue while climbing Mount Bromo and arrive at Penanjakan will be relieved by the natural scenery is extraordinary.

Sea of ​​sand.

Mount Bromo is synonymous with sea sand. Walking in the sea of ​​sand here is not easy. Eve was very cold, the dust of the pedestrian and the smell of horse manure into a challenge conquerors of Mount Bromo.

If you are tired, can rest near the temple, a place of worship Tengger community. Witnessing the background Mount Bromo temple will make you feel the religious atmosphere that inspires. But do not pose weird in front and around the temple because this location is a Hindu shrine. Therefore, in addition to good physical preparation, you should also have manners to behave during a visit to Mount Bromo.

The sea of ​​sand is very broad. It takes about an hour to reach the foot of Mount Bromo. You do not have to worry about feeling tired or weak. Therefore, many horses are rented at affordable rates. However, from the experience of tourists, rode away quite thrilling, especially when the road climbing toward the stairs Bromo. Therefore, many tourists who choose to walk rather than renting a horse.

Mount Bromo stairs.

When the sea of ​​sand has disappeared, the journey has not stopped there. Came the slightly steep climb. The scenery here is very beautiful. In addition there is also a Mount Bromo Mount Batok who have a legend about a giant rejection by a village girl.

Mount Batok is a mountainous region that is in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger. Location of Mount Batok is located right in the middle of Mount Bromo, Mount Widodaren and Penanjakan Mountains around Bromo Tengger. Called Mount Batok, because when viewed from the top of Mount Bromo, the mountain is shaped like an upside-down coconut shell or called coconut shells.

After the steep road travelers were greeted stairs are narrow and steep. After more than a hundred stairs you arrived at the summit of Mount Bromo. It is much more beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountain, but the satisfaction of conquering Mount Bromo is hard to describe.

Sense of pride in themselves capable of reaching the summit of Mount Bromo and the natural scenery around Mount Bromo is not able to describe with words. As if feeling tired and limp paid by natural treats that make anyone not able to replace any degan.

Whispering sand, Sabana, and Padang Teletubbies.

Satisfied to see the beauty of Mount Bromo, you can travel to the rides around Bromo. Usually the jeep driver will be invited to the location they called Sand Whisper, Savana or Grasslands and Teletubbies. Its location is not far away, about 20 minutes from the sea of ​​sand Bromo.

Whispering Sands neighborhood gets its name after becoming a filming location Whispering Sands starring Dian Sastrowardoyo. In contrast to the sea of ​​sand at the foot of Mount Bromo, the sand here is more subtle and not a lot of dust.

At the location where filming Whispering Sands is indeed very beautiful with soft sand as well as the Sahara desert. However, the air at the site Whispering Sands is more cool and fresh.

Savanna is itself a meadow berilalang. Actually, the landscape less attractive. Similarly Padang Teletubbies according jeep guides similar to the scenery in the movie Teletubbies. Two of these places can be visited if you have plenty of time.

Best Season.

The best time to visit Bromo the dry season, around June and July. The weather is sunny and cloudy so the beauty of Mount Bromo will be exposed. Additionally check the condition of Mount Bromo in the media. If the alert status of Mount Bromo will be closed for tourists due to sulfur fumes would be dangerous to health.

Thus the discussion on Mount Bromo and the tourist area around Bromo Tengger that can be delivered.

The natural beauty of Indonesia is very beautiful. Besides Bali, Bromo area is often decorated with the faces of many foreigners who come to this location. Therefore, no harm if we have the vacation time to be able to visit the Bromo Tengger.
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Places peak.

The highlight is the one place in Bogor is the favorite of people for a vacation. Peak tourist attractions there are many, mostly related to nature. Peak into the territory of Cianjur and Bogor in West Java. Location of the summit if Jakarta is south a distance of about 70 km.

The layout of this area is on the slopes and foothills of Gede-Pangrango, is part of the National Park Gede Pangrango. Both local and even foreign tourist areas know this one. Every weekend the place is very crowded, the roads heading in this direction will be closed.

Tourism in Puncak.

This area has uniqueness in terms of natural contours. Most of the area covered by tea plantations and mountains background. Even the beautiful natural area is often riveting President Soekarno, to the extent that he built the restaurant are made to enjoy the natural beauty here, his name is Spanish Riung Gunung which means a collection of mountain.

In addition there are also many places argowisata and recreation are very beautiful, among them there for paragliding and hang gliding Gunung Mas Tea Plantation. In addition there are other interesting sights, such as the Safari Park, the Botanical Gardens Cibodas, Taman Bunga Nusantara, the Park Solar, Telaga Warna, as well as the architecture of the mosque named Masjid simple and typical Atta'awun. Then there are many hotels and villas that can be used as a resting place.
To know that there are other tourist attractions in this area in addition to those already mentioned above.

Under some tourist attractions:

• Telaga Warna lake.

This attraction is a lake that has a beautiful nature and serene atmosphere. Here you can feel the water play different types of games, such as a boat ride rafts and water bikes. This lake's name is taken as the water in this lake could change. The location is close to the lake at the famous restaurant named Rindu Alam Puncak.

• Cilember Waterfall.

From Jakarta travel time to get to this place is for 1.5 hours. The peak of the tourist attractions is not too well known. But beauty is not inferior to the places other Peak. If you come here will feel the sensation of freshness.
In this place there are camping facilities, breeding butterflies, lodging and so forth. At the lake, there are seven waterfalls, in order to see all of it must be willing to travel far enough by way of walking, climbing for about three hours. Along the way you will see a stretch of pine trees in a beautiful pine forest. This place is suitable for lovers of mountain climbers attended.

• Park Riung Mount.

Just like Cilember Waterfall, the park is also less well known but worth visiting. Distance from the toll booth Ciawi is approximately 17 km. There are facilities here include travel tea or tea garden walk, where children's games, pool, restaurant, lodging, outbound facilities, as well as fish therapy.

One of the most interesting here is that there Soekarno-owned villa complete with all sorts of legacy. That said, on the ground, Soekarno often prayed.

• Park of the sun.

Unlike the above two sites that are less well known, tourist attractions this one is very popular. The garden area is 30 hectares, has a lot of interesting entertainment facilities for your family also. The facilities there are, among others, rafting, swimming pool, children's games, lodging, water games, a restaurant, outbound vehicle, ATV, tourist fields, is also a shopping center.

Although the facilities are complete but the entry ticket price is very cheap. In this park has the meaning of education, this place has never looked deserted. The park is also usually used for outdoor training for many large companies.

• Long waterfall.

Tourist attractions in Peak is in Megamendung. There you will see the waterfall and the beautiful river. Activities you can do here is exploring the river and river trekking.

If you want to explore the river you better bring a change of clothes and wear sandals mountain. Do not use flip-flops due to impassable terrain is rocky and slippery. Directly in the region there are four waterfalls are all very beautiful.

• Tourism Village Pancawati.

This place in the District Caringin. Offer a traditional rural atmosphere, it would be very interesting if enjoyed. You will see the beauty of nature, plus see Sundanese dances, puppet show and enjoy traditional cuisine and typical.

In this place there is also a lodging facility that has a rural atmosphere. Can calm your heart and mind.

• Twin waterfall.

Attraction this waterfall you can see in Cisarua. As the name implies, this waterfall side by side so interesting to look at. If you want to this waterfall you have to pass the rocky path that may make it difficult to achieve. However, if it is to you will not regret it because the waterfall is very beautiful twins.

• Melrimba Garden.

The location of this place is on Jalan Raya Puncak KM 87. This place is a producer of ornamental plants have a natural garden concept. Nesar sufficient breadth, which is 5 hectares. This place is the natural beauty of the tourist offer for families.

In addition to making you look ornamental plants also a fishing pond, lodgings, multipurpose turf field, picking strawberries, arena game, outbound facilities, greenhouses for ornamental gardens, tea walk, rides high rope. If you bring the vehicle can still take your car to a parking lot that is enough for 250 cars.

• Tourism Inkarla Gardens.

These attractions in Cibodas. Is a tourist place which offers mountain views are also plants that are equally beautiful. You can see all kinds of flowers in various colors, can cool the mind and eyes.
In the garden there is also a meeting room, a warm water pool, table tennis, outbound facilities, lodging, children's games area, beautiful scenery, and so forth.

• National Park of Mount Gede Pangrango.

The distance of this place if traveling from Jakarta is 100 km. This tourist spot has an extremely rich ecosystems highly remarkable. This place is home to plants and rare animals. In this place can be a place for research, nature, education, and observation of the mountain. Of all the sights that can be done, is the most popular mountain climbing.

Well, above this is the peak tourist places. How, very interesting is not it? No wonder it is because many interesting sights, the Peak area is always crowded especially during weekends and holiday season. The peak will be transformed like the middle of a very crowded city.

But do not expect always to get past this place the weekend because the door to the summit will be closed. So who wants to pass here, for example from Jakarta to Bandung you probably will not be. Then you can find an alternative other way. Hopefully this info useful to you.
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Understanding Tourism Forest.

What is meant by the notion jungle tours? Is there such thing as jungle tours. The following will explain about the definition of forest tourism.

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. Also it is one of the countries that have a very large number of forests in the world. The forest is a vast land which is where they grow a variety of plants and trees, and a gathering place for animals is a unity of biodiversity and their natural environment.

Meanwhile, under the new Forestry Law, Law No. 41 of 1999, the definition of forest is "a form of landscape ecosystems biological resources, dominated by trees in their natural environment, one and the other can not be separated."

In fact, our country is the heart of the world. Indonesia's forests are very well because the world needs to support the survival of living beings in the world. Former forest area in Indonesia reached 113 million hectares. That number decreased drastically due to the number of parties from the government and criminals are irresponsible to try clear-cutting and deforestation of Indonesia for dredge personal interests. Of course, it did have a negative impact.

Forests by function can be divided into several criteria, ie protection forests, production forests, forest preserves, and forests.

According to Minister of Forestry Decree No: 687 / Kpts II / 1989 Chapter I General Provisions, Article 1, paragraph 1 that the definition of tourism forests are forest areas dedicated, constructed, and maintained for the purpose of tourism and tourist hunting, the forest has a natural beauty and the distinctive characteristics that can be exploited for the benefit of recreation and culture called Tourism Park. This forest can also be used to protect animals and plants steps.

With the forest like this the researchers can perform a wide range of observations about the biodiversity that exists in the forest. Besides being able to be used as development of research on animals and plants, as well as a means of education of those students who conduct study tours.

Told as a tourist jungle because there are some things in the forest such appeal has incredible natural, such as flora, fauna, and natural phenomena caused. Land that belongs to this forest has an area that can ensure the comfort of all inhabitants live well all the flora and fauna found in the forest in order to ensure their preservation.

Have conditions that allow it to be developed as a natural tourist spot, and very good to introduce to the students about nature. Are expected to give positive results for students so that they feel have these forests as well as help maintain continuity and do not damage it. Attitudes love of nature and the environment can be instilled in them.

Efforts were made to preserve the forests of this type is the holding of an inventory of areas that might, protection, and protection of forest areas should be improved from people who are not responsible, who only think about the interests and its own benefit, the holding of studies coupled with pelertariannya to support its development. In addition, there should be also coaching for habitat and wildlife populations there.

In Indonesia, which is one of the countries that have large forest in the world, of course, has many places serving natural attractions, namely:

1. Forest Park Tuatunu.

This forest is located approximately 6 Kilometers from urban centers, precisely in the Village Tuatunu, Village Tuatunu Beautiful, District Gerunggang, Pangkalpinang. The forest area has an area of ​​approximately 137 ha. In addition to functioning as the natural attractions of this forest also serves as a campsite and conservation areas.

Various kinds of flora that grow in the woods, including mahogany, rubber, wood Diospyros Blancoi exciting, wood serambet cord wood, wood gerunggang, wood varnish, wood pelumpang, palawan wood, red meranti wood, Nyatoh, and thatch. As for fauna inhabited by a wide variety of birds, deer / coney, Napo, various types of primates, honeybees and also various types of snakes.

2. Forest Park Dumai.

This forest is situated in Dumai, Riau Province. This forest ttermasuk homogeneous forests filled with pine trees. As for the many animals that inhabit this forest is a monkey. Monkeys are accustomed to human presence so that the monkeys are not afraid of the presence of visitors.

Natural state is lush and full of trees make the forest is visited by many tourists. In addition to providing a place for camping, forest here also provide facilities for outdoor activities, such as flying fox, and so on.

3. Forest Park Pocut Meurah Intan, Aceh.

Forest Park area Pocut Meurah Diamond is located around 70 km from the city of Banda Aceh. The great forest has a potential to become a tourist area. In this great forest of pine so many plants provide natural atmosphere is beautiful and natural. Forest Park has several places hot springs which may be the main attraction bari tourists.

4. Forest Tangkahan, Sumatra.

These forests provide the charm of unspoiled natural beauty. In this forest visitors can also meet the orangutans there, if any. The village is located at the junction between two rivers, namely Sungai Batang and Reed River. Tangkahan is a region located in Guning Leuser National Park, Sumatra. The visitors were given the opportunity to surfing through the jungle on elephant back.

5. Forest Tourism Unmul Samarinda (Samarinda Botanical Garden).

This forest is located in the north of Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province. Is one of the attractions in London which has an area of ​​about 300 ha. Has a blend of as a place of recreation and nature education present.

This place is often used as a place of activity for students to do research and job training because the student has a facility that allows the student. This forest has an area of ​​300 ha.

Many facilities are provided there such as camping, swimming pools, zoos, flower gardens, and garden birds. In addition, there are also tourist boats there. Animals contained d Isana is an orangutan who intentionally released, but these animals have been domesticated so that visitors do not have to worry. Aa other animals in the forest among cobra snakes, hornbills, parrots, ponies, paradise, crocodiles, deer, and porcupine.

In addition to Forest neighborhood tour which has been described above, there are also some other natural attractions, namely:

a) Pringgodani located in Blumbang, Tawangmangu.

Presented among other facilities Shower seven, barracks lodgings, a place of pilgrimage (petilasan the addition Koconagoro), footpath.

b) Peak Lawu located in the area Gondosuli, Tawangmangu.

Facilities include walkways, security posts, and a direction.
Sekipan located in the area Kalisoro, Tawangmangu. The facilities provided are meeting hall, arena camp, and trails.

c) Grojogan Sewu. Located in the area Kalisoro, Tawangmangu.

Tours are there like Waterfall, stalls selling souvenirs, there is also a swimming pool, protected forests and fauna (monkeys).

d) Falls Jumok. Being on location Berjo, Ngargoyoso.

There are waterfalls and pools.

Thus some explanations about the jungle tours. Generally, jungle tours always presents nature unspoiled forest, beautiful, and cool. Tourism forests suitable as the release of fatigue and can be used as a research on the flora and fauna.

Therefore, by looking at the benefits provided by these forests, then we as civilized human beings shall participate preserve it for the survival of flora and fauna that are in the forest, do not damage the forest situation. We must keep Indonesia as the heart of the world. Thank you for reading this article.
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Monday, 25 January 2016

Cause Bacterial Infections.

Acupuncture has been around since more than 3,500 years ago. Acupuncture is an alternative treatment that is usually safe, but in some cases the infection can occur. Indeed, the case of someone who received treatment with needling technique and then getting an infection is rare.

Unpleasant events due to acupuncture in men 67-year-old Australian. He suffered a serious bacterial infection after five weeks of live acupuncture to relieve pain and stiffness in his neck.

Initially this man had a fever for several days. After that, his neck felt uncomfortable soon it to the nearest hospital emergency room to find out what happened to him, as reported by the Journal BMJ Case Reports.

After passing the examination, the doctor from Geraldton Regional Hospital in Australia saw the development of a serious bacterial skin infection called cellulitis that could potentially spread to other parts if not treated promptly.

Through a series of blood tests and other tests this man infected with the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Besides passing MRI is known he suffered septic arthritis a condition that causes pain in the joints.

According to Mark Fisher physician a rheumatologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston who was not involved in the study when the skin is open, which is created by the needles, can cause infection as quoted in Live Science, Friday (01/08/2015).
Then the staph bacteria enter the bloodstream and then end up in the joints of his neck as explained Fisher.

Know Medicine Acupuncture and benefits.

In this modern era, it is difficult to believe that alternative treatments instead proved to be very efficient for the patient. One of them is acupuncture, traditional Chinese therapy that has existed since more than 3,500 years ago.

Acupuncture is a treatment method that is calming and helps patients avoid the painful side effects of chemotherapy. In fact, acupuncture has been used to help an addict cigarette out of habit.

The trust of the workings of acupuncture is that there is energy in our body, called Qi. This energy circulates in our body from top to bottom and flows through pathways called meridians.

These meridians connect every organ of the body and when you are healthy, energy will flow freely. However, when the energy flow is disrupted by injury or disease, it will produce pain. Therefore, acupuncture works to eliminate interference with the flow of Qi and start the recovery process.

Process with acupuncture treatment involves the use of very thin needles. A minimum of three and a maximum of 20 needles needles, our body-'tusuk 'in some point as a step treatment. The number of needles is not arbitrary because it depends on what disease you are contracting.

Pricking with needles stimulate the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, to the brain. These chemical substances can reduce pain and stimulates the release of hormones and other chemicals that would affect other existing regulatory system in our body.

Through acupuncture treatment session usually lasts for one hour. Patients pretty lying in bed while listening to soft music in order to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Various techniques are also added to improve the treatment of diseases and if a patient feels a sensation of electrical shock, meaning there are indications the healing of disease. Quoted from the health portal Health Aim, on Tuesday (15/12/2015) and then, clinical studies have shown that acupuncture can rejuvenate the endocrine and nervous system of patients as well as to make an anti-inflammatory response (inflammation).

In addition, acupuncture can treat back pain, neck pain, postoperative pain, digestive problems, menstrual irregularities, allergies, insomnia, and various other aches and pains.

Although acupuncture and other traditional medicine can help cure some diseases, Western medicine still can not be abandoned. The best way to get relief is to use both systems for the treatment of a balanced way.
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About Fortress Lodwijk.

Fortress ruins Lodewijk.
Before the Dutch colonial government to enter Indonesia, the Portuguese first set foot on earth our beloved motherland.
History proves that the Portuguese colonists came all the way from their home country because they want to target a variety of natural resources that exist in Indonesia, including spices.

Portuguese really know that as a country that is fertile and rich, archipelago much coveted by the other invaders.
To secure the colony of seizure attempts by other nations as well as to strengthen the position of offensive anti-colonial indigenous groups, the Portuguese feel the need to build fortifications.

Fortress ruins Lodewijk.
Portuguese fortifications scattered in Indonesia is quite numerous. One of them is in Gresik, East Java.
But the fort was named Lodwijk it may be said now only a name for the rest of the building could hardly be enjoyed again charm alias shattered. What remains is only a small part of the fort buildings.

The stones that make up the walls of the fort apart from each other. Scattering location. There are some walls of the castle that I can still recognize. That also does not appear to be a former bastion walls.
On the remaining walls of the castle are also around a lot of growing some kind of moss and shrubs suspected of exacerbating the damage the castle itself.

Lodwijk fortress located in the coastal village of Mengare, Bungah - Gresik, East Java. Most people refer to it as an island village Mengare.
There are two ways to get to the location of Fort Lodwijk, first by boat from the pier Mengare village on the coast where the castle is located. Boat rental costs around Rp 50,000.

Secondly, as I do that in a way to cross by boat klotok while bringing the motor to the dock where the fort was located. Some amenyebut area where the fort was nicknamed Lodwijk Island.

Remembering Glory Fort Lodewijk Manari.

Strategic location Gresik has been known since the Dutch colonial period, is characterized by the presence fort built Lodwijk Dutch government in 1808. It is then underlying Yogyakarta Archaeological Center began conducting research in 2006

The strategic location of the region Gresik has been known since the Dutch colonial period, is characterized by the presence fort built Lodwijk Dutch government in 1808. It is then underlying Yogyakarta Archaeological Center began conducting research in 2006

Research Fort Lodewijk Manari or currently named Mengare get some faktah history of the ins and outs of this site, ranging from the chronology, layout, functionality, up to technology and the natural environment aspects.

One of the initial information obtained and became the basis for research in the field is an ancient map in 1811 of "the qonquest of java" on a map of the building Fort Lodewijk

Lodewijk castle building stands on the silt which juts into the Strait of Madura, which is about 400 yards from mengare. According to information obtained Lodewijk castle building structure is very sophisticated when it is using a wood foundation that stands above the newly established Fort Lodewijk mud, or now there is a mention of foundation chicken claw

Based on ancient maps Fort Lodewijk standing in the middle of the island while the present conditions that became one with the mainland due to the accumulation of silt in the Strait of Madura

Dutch legacy wells in Fort Lodewijk

Alai in Yogyakarta Archaeological research found some wells that are not included in the map

The rest of the Fort Lodewijk

Becoming more and more the rest of the building Fort Lodewijk missing either due to abrasion of sea water, there is also caused by irresponsible hands, hopefully the government's role to preserve and make strategic tourist sites.

White Sand Beach Island Fort Lodewijk Mengare Gresik.

Mengare is one village in the district of Gresik that is located in the coastal areas. Administratively Village Mengare included as part of the District Bungah and directly adjacent to the sea. The bulk of the people in this place fishermen.

Mengare village is located in an area a little away from the crowd. Distance to get to this place about 5 Km from northern Gaza. The existence of this village may not be so much to know. However, the potential of tourist destinations that are in this place became an attraction in itself. Tourism potential of which is evidence of the history of the nation (Fort Lodewijk) and the potential of unspoiled beaches to forests which are uninhabited.

Fort Lodewijk beach.

One of the tourism potential that I will explore the Côte Fort Lodewijk. The beach is located in one location with historic buildings Lodewijk Fortress. Access to go to this location can only be reached by sea. So to visit we had rented a boat from people around the coast.

Their journey is to arrive at this place takes about 30 minutes by boat fishermen. The condition of the sea water here is not so clear, this is because most of the seafloor is mud so the sea was murky brown.

Once down the end we were greeted by a sea of ​​white sand with a lush green forest surroundings. White sand contained in this beach turned out to be dominated by piles of shells and a large variety of white. Being in this place we seemed to be the owner of the island. In this area we will not see anyone at all because the place is uninhabited.

Beach conditions in place is still very natural, almost in every corner of the beach there is no plastic waste or other household trash. The original inhabitants of this place are a bunch of wild monkeys and other animals. If we are lucky, we will see it, but to be able to see it we have to go a bit into the forest area.

Fort Lodewijk beach is very natural tourism potential that can be developed to attract visitors to get to know more in this place. With proper management and improvement of a variety of other supporting infrastructure is very important to increase the interest of tourists to visit this beach.

Not inhabited forest on the island of Fort Lodewijk Mengare Gresik.

Tracing an uninhabited place indeed be an interesting sensation of traveling activity when we wanted to explore a new area that we know. Search this time focused on a coastal area in Gresik precisely in the island village of Fort Lodewijk Mengare.

Mengare village including a part of the District Bungah and is located 5 Km from the northern Gaza. Way to go to the village of Mengare form of street paving. Along the way to this place we will see a fish farm or farms that seemed to have no end.

Island Fortress Lodewijk

Arriving in the village Mengare we have to continue the journey by using fishing boats. This is because the existence of the island far from the settlement so the only way is through the sea. The journey takes about 20 minutes to reach the island fortress Lodewijk.

The island is an uninhabited island in the area of ​​Fort Lodewijk. In the area of ​​Fort Lodewijk we explore the other side of this place. The other side of the forest area that is still very natural.

During the forest along we just found some traces of hikers who were around the beach. Getting into entering the forest area, we will not find traces of pedestrians at all. So we have to define and create our own path in order to continue the journey along this forest.

In the forest area we were greeted by a crowd of wild monkeys in the distance. The monkeys seemed disturbed by our presence and prefer to go away. Lodewijk fortress island beauty hidden behind the thick vegetation eventually slowly begin to reveal its form.

The beauty of it is formed in the presence of a large tree that was between some small trees that hung high up into the sky. View which we can certainly not be taken for granted. To that while in the forest area we capture every moment the beauty of the forest uninhabited island fortress this.

Satisfied through the beauty of the forest on the island fortress Lodewijk we decided to go to the coastal areas to make it easier to get to where we lean ship. The trip to the coast which we pass fields turned into mud dried with surrounding mangroves.

The diversity of plants and animals native inhabitants of the island fortress Lodewijk is a natural potential which we must keep and save. Search uninhabited forest became traveling activities we can do if visiting the island of Fort Lodewijk.
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Terrible site.

Internet not always be a digital world that is full of insight and information. Sometimes, the Internet could become a "dark" and terrible. All that could happen because there are irresponsible parties who abuse the rules of the Internet.

Many sites contain content unsuitable, even forbidden to be accessed. Payload content is present in a variety of these sites also varied, ranging from sites that offer services assassin, selling "goods" made of human skin, and many more.

Until recently, these sites have been blocked. Obviously, the existence of such sites disturbing the public because it can impact the prolonged danger. Citing information reported by Alltime10s YouTube channel, there are ten sites that claimed to be forbidden and so terrible in the world.
Sites it is.

1. Rent-a-Hitman.

The website is forbidden that makes "customers" use the services of mercenaries (Hitman). By using encrypted web browser, users can use the services of a hitman depending on the services provided to victims, ranging from servicing Broken Bone (injured victim only to break bones) of US $ 50 or approximately USD 700,000, and servicing Light Shake Down (injured victim to serious injury) of US $ 350 or about USD 5 million, to service Assassination (murder victim) at a cost of $ 20,000 or approximately USD 290 million.

Revealed, the payments usually can only be accepted through Bitcoin, where known transactions that occurred in the service traces its currency unpredictable. However, this terrible site has a rule "humane", the killing should not be done to a person aged under 16 years and is also a popular figure in the world top ten.

2. Plane Crash Info.

Plane Crash Info is a website that collects sound recordings and transcripts of the state of the seconds plane crash. Unfolded, plane crash incident records collected since the 1960s. The site is getting 65,000 visitors each month. The most phenomenal is one of the voice recordings that were recorded when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in the United States.

3. Creepypasta.

Creepypasta was popular because it is the site of the horror stories online with a visit about 610,000 visitors per month. The most famous of all the terrible story is the story unfolded Slenderman, a tall man who often kidnap children and killed him in the forest.

However, these sites bring harm to teenagers. In 2014, a 14-year-old teenager kills his classmates with a stab as many as 19 times. In the same year, a child's heart to burn the whole house and family. Both are active visitors creepypasta and affected by memes sarcastic and horror are often circulated in the timeline of the site.

4. Cannibal Cafe.

Cannibal Cafe is a site that is blocked in almost all countries. This site is an online forum that stood since 1994. This forum is very different from other forums because it is filled by people who have a "disorder" in which increased his appetite when he saw human flesh, or more commonly referred to as cannibalistic action.

This forum allows users to purchase online human flesh. Worse yet, users can even offered himself to be eaten! This site was closed in 2002 after a cannibalistic case in Germany.

5. Hurtcore.

The website is a collection of images of gore (sadistic) or a disturbing picture that often displays images and videos with a level of brutality that was so terrible. Even so, Hurtcore always get 700,000 subscriptions at the end of each month. The most shocking was the circulation of cyberspace is a video of the torture of women in Japan with a duration of 5 minutes. Many have questioned the authenticity of the video, even the police had to investigate this case.

6. Suicide Guide.

Suicide Guide is a site that offers guidance forbidden suicide for the accessor. The existence of this site was criticized by various parties. More frightening again, the site offers the risk of passing percentages given if users choose how suicides are most effective.

7. Shaye Saint John.

Shaye Saint John is a fictional character made in artist Eric Fournier (1968-2010) which manifests creepy doll form. That said, Shaye is a supermodel who experienced a train wreck. Finally, he made again by using a set of manikins and played by Fournier. After Fournier died, the more frequently visited website Shaye. Lamanini appeared sober design that seemed tacky and filled with pictures of Shaye very creepy.

8. Pro Ana.

Pro Ana is an online forum that supports the lifestyle Anorexic and Bulimic. This means, the women (or even men) are allowed to not eat for days in order to reach the desired weight. Worse yet, Pro Ana gives tips for pengaksesnya not to eat for two weeks to be thinner instantly. One accessor this forum reportedly died after he followed tips "tight diet" site offers these misguided.

9. Human Leather.

Human Leather is a British site that provides goods and fashion accessories (handbags, purses, leather coats, boots) made of human skin! Revealed, the site uses cadaver skin that has been donated in order to coat the items for sale. Reportedly, bags sold on the site is priced at US $ 27,000 or US $ 395 million.

10. Opentopia.

Opentopia an illegal site which allows users to utilize surveillance cameras scattered in several places, in several countries. Not all the surveillance cameras can be accessed, just that they can choose where the surveillance cameras are present in the building or even a particular house.
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