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Tourism destination in South East Asia The Most Suitable For Children.

Tourism destination in South East Asia The Most Suitable For Children.

In many Southeast Asian tourism friendly area for children, with many beautiful beaches but safe, unique and fun activities, as well as beautiful nature. We have selected a few places, but there are many other areas to visit! Almost all places in this area suitable for children, especially those who have a little bigger and you will meet a lot of people, ranging from hotel staff or lodging to a stranger on the street, who are willing to help you with the kids.

Situated on the west coast of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, Ko Lanta is a safe place for children to swim. The beach was great for a relaxing drink cocktails and parents sat in their seats, watching the kids play in the crystal clear turquoise water. On the island, you will find many luxury resorts, and with a majority Muslim population, you will not find nightlife usually encountered in some Thai beach resort island. You can dive or snorkel, kayak along the coast to the west are still rarely visited, or rent a bike and go for a walk in the traditional village located in the coastal area east of the island.

Still in Thailand, Kanchanaburi town can be reached by bus or train from Bangkok and can be exciting trip if you have to spend a few days in the capital. Living in a house boat to try new experiences (although you should be warned about the "disco duck" which means you need earplugs in order to sleep soundly) and enjoy the journey by boat down the River Kwai, and visited the Erawan waterfall, one of the most tourism object popular in Thailand. Children will be fascinated by the floating monks and children older would love to visit Hell Fire Pass Museum. A cooking course at Apple might also be an interesting activity.

Thai capital, Bangkok, it might look a little crowded when you first see it, but the city has some interesting things for the kids. You can rent a boat and enjoy the situation, or do a tour of Siam Ocean World to see the underwater world of tropical, or you can also visit the Dusit Zoo to see the animals interesting. You can stop at the mall - which has been facilitated by cooling the room - which has a mini playground and cheap hawker center. Children's Discovery Museum also received good reviews and you might want to enjoy the sport to go do ice-skating. Let children practice good manners to bring them to a tea ceremony in a five star hotel, or you and your family can visit the floating market to buy exotic fruits and vegetables.

Chiang Mai city is located in northern Thailand offers cooler temperatures and plenty of diverse attractions. Doi Suthep temple is obligatory tourist attraction, the river was nearby Huay Kaew can be a place for the kids to play water. Chiang Mai Night Safari is also an interesting attraction. The night market there could be a suitable place for bargain goods. Elephant Conservation Centre is located outside the city but that conservation is one of the best elephant conservation, while Taweechol Park, which is located in Doi Saket road, known as a place for families to relax. You can feed the animals, rent a bike, and paddle boats for a walk. For a different entertainment, you can go to the "Flight of the Gibbon," an adventure travel down trees with hanging bridge and flying fox. Want to search for something more casual? Try going to the Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens in Mae Rim. Do not forget to also visit the Sunday Walking Market.

Ko Tonsay (Rabbit Island) in Cambodia is located in the southern region of the country and could be the perfect place for a family vacation. Tell your children that this is an adventure with old style: with a typical rustic accommodation, quiet and safe beaches, the perfect seafood (Your kids can choose their own crab). You can feel there is no electricity at night, and can give attention to other family members for days.

Want to see the dolphins? Please come to Kratie in Cambodia to see the Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin, which is now endangered - only a few dozen left tail around the world. Native habitat of these animals are in Kampi, 20 km from Kratie. Not only dolphins, you can cross the river from Kratie heading to Ko Treung and rent a bicycle to visit the rural areas of Cambodia. Your children may be fascinated to see how the whole village to live without the internet.

Hoi An, one of the world heritage area in Cambodia is a beautiful port city with many interesting places. You can visit the Cham Island, go to the plantation Tra Que to prove to your kids that vegetables do not grow in plastic, and rent a bike to go to the nearest beaches. The tourists can also visit the cafe to get some cooking lessons - our favorites are Cafe 96 and Hai Scout Cafe. Want to experiment with clothes? This area is a great place to sew clothes, shoes as well. Teen fashion enthusiasts definitely will not be bored.

Located in the mountains of northern Vietnam, Sapa is an exciting place to visit with family. Enjoy the cool climate (do not forget the thick clothes in winter), visit traditional markets, and observe how people with different ethnicities working together. Went for a walk in the rice fields and learn to cook. If you are a weekend in the area, Bac Ha Sunday Market is one of the places of interest to visit.

Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, located in the northeast of the main island, is a suitable location for the kids to learn diving and snorkeling, as well as a great place to swim with sea turtles. Nightlife in Muslim-majority island is pretty quiet, making it ideal for family holidays. Besides swimming and eating, little things you can do, so relax and enjoy the holidays.

City of Luang Prabang in Laos adalalah the right place for a family vacation. Father and mother can relax in one of the cafes and enjoy a latte while the kids Lao cooking courses, and the whole family can take a boat down the Mekong River to the Pak Ou caves, home to millions of small Buddha statues. Hire a bike to travel to Kwang Si waterfall. You can visit some captive elephants trunked animal to be able to start viewing it.

Vang Vieng may be known as a backpacker's haven, but it's also suitable for family holidays. You and your family can walk along the river are decorated with limestone mountains, explore caves, and try adventures available in the river: flying fox, ... mentioned everything depends cable, Vang Vieng may have.

What is not owned by Singapore for a family? Perhaps it is not cheap, but the city has a lot of entertainment. For something more serious, there are several museums to adventure education, animal lovers can visit the Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park or Crocodilarium, and many other parks that cater for children. Sentosa Island also provides a lot of entertainment, you can try the world's largest Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer, which does offer interesting atmosphere.

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