Thursday, 19 September 2013

Not because Evan Ask a shame.

What are key performance glories U-19 national team captain Evan Dimas Darmono Indonesia so far?
One of them turns out she was never embarrassed to ask.
The secret revealed by Mario Karlovic, midfielder and teammate Evan in Persebaya 1927. Mario is the figure most often consulted by player discipline Surabaya Partners, one of the internal club in the Persebaya scope.
"I salute Evan (Dimas), although at the level of U-19, he had fame, he's still willing to learn, willing to ask questions and ask for input from our more senior. Not a lot of players that I know have a character like him," said the Australian.
According Karlovic, Evan always actively inquired about her performance after the match Indonesia, for example positioning, how to take the ball, and cross to the striker who plotted a handyman bang Indonesia.
"He (Evan) asks how he should position when the team attacked or assaulted while in a state," said Karlovic.
Even discussions also occurred shortly before Indonesia managed to draw against Malaysia 1-1 in a game last night (18/9).
Because Evan Karlovic live in Sidoarjo and Surabaya, communication media they are cell phone.
In each discussion, Karlovic suggested that Evan plays like Taufiq, Persebaya midfielder who is also a senior Indonesian national team players.
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